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Nov 8-10 2019


Sandra Moon Dancer speaks SATURDAY NOV. 9th, 5:45pm in Lecture Hall 206-B. Visit us in booth #74.

MOTHER EARTH -- Remember, Reignite, Reconnect. 
Mother Earth -- What does She want us to know? What is She saying? Are we listening? Energy teachings, meditation, song, Mother Earth spirituality and spectacular photos allow you to experience the healing messages. Sandra Moon Dancer shares insight from her experience as a sacred site travel leader and bridge to international traditional Mother Earth teachers. She leads Sacred Site travel, including groups to Glastonbury 2020, Iceland, and Sacred Stone Circles in the Celtic Isles and Malta. With 30 years in healing communities and indigenous circles, Sandra Moon Dancer is an internationally renowned shamanic energy medicine teacher and Executive Director of the Centre of Circle Wisdom. Booth #74. 

"It is always great knowing that we can count on Moon Dancer's presence to raise the vibration of the Whole Life Expo to transformational standards."
-- Daniel Pikelin, Customer Care, Whole Life Expo

Sat Jan 11


Empower the Business Goddess in You! workshop

"I have created my incredible income and workplace environment and I continue to create what I desire."-Courtney Lawrence, Director at Lululemon

Sun Jan 19


Animal Spirit Guides and Totems workshop

"These teachings changed my life.  I am eternally grateful as I feel peace and happiness as I now have a clear sense of who I am and what I am doing here."

Spring 2020

GLASTONBURY, England - Sacred Celtic Lands

"Doing ceremony in the Goddess Temples of Malta with Sandra Moon Dancer is like plugging into a cosmic power socket; it connected me to the ancient wisdom of earth and cosmos and realigned me with the sacred feminine."

-- Sharon Jacobson, energy and worker and astrologer, participant with Malta -- The Great Mother Temples, full moon Spring Equinox 2019


ICELAND -- Journey to the Heart of Mother Earth -- Sacred site travel to the Land of Fire and Ice

"Travelling with Circle Wisdom is wonderful. Sandra Moon Dancer guides a joyful, transformative journey. Mother Earth's magic is alive in Iceland. My heart is open!" A.S.


Contact us to join a monthly Women's Wisdom Circle.  Be supported with like-minded people who are choosing to make a difference.


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